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Singapore JC - Serangoon Junior College

Serangoon Junior College or SRJC was established in 1988 as the 14th Junior College in Singapore. The college was located at temporary premises in Hougang before moving to its present campus along Upper Serangoon Road in December 1990.

Serangoon Junior College is housed on a 6-hectare piece of land along Upper Serangoon Road. Its building is based on a top-prize winning design of 39 entries at the Junior College Design Competition held in 1987. SRJC was build at a costs about S$30 million.

Serangoon Junior College
1033, Upper Serangoon Road
Singapore 534768

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Serangoon Junior College

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Singapore 605
South Korea 589
Hong Kong 586
Taiwan 585
Japan 570

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Singapore 578
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South Korea 558
Hong Kong 556
Japan 552

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China 1,320m
India 1,160m
USA 300m
Indonesia 230m
Brazil 180m

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Norway 100%
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Georgia 100%
Cuba 99.8%

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Norway 0.97
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