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Singapore JC - Innova Junior College

Innova Junior College or is a new government co-educational GCE A-level preparatory junior college located in Woodlands, Singapore. IJC is equipped with 5 Lecture Theaters. LT1 is the biggest theater in the school which can accommodate about 600 students. There are learning studios, also known as classrooms which can accommodate about 20 students and tutorials are held inside the learning studios.

Innova Junior College is the first college in Singapore to have a student parliament. The student parliament is headed by a Judiciary, consisting of the school management and Student Council teacher advisors with full veto power over any decision made by the Cabinet.

Innova Junior College
21 Champions Way
Singapore 737902

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Innova Junior College

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TIMSS Math Ranking:

Singapore 605
South Korea 589
Hong Kong 586
Taiwan 585
Japan 570

Science Ranking:

Singapore 578
Taiwan 571
South Korea 558
Hong Kong 556
Japan 552

Population Ranking:

China 1,320m
India 1,160m
USA 300m
Indonesia 230m
Brazil 180m

Literacy Ranking:

Norway 100%
Finland 100%
Luxembourg 100%
Georgia 100%
Cuba 99.8%

Human Development Index Ranking:

Norway 0.97
Iceland 0.96
Australia 0.96
Ireland 0.96
Sweden 0.95